Saturday, March 19, 2011


Im starting an etsy shop. It's called BitsOfThread, and hopefully I'll have items up this coming week! I really hope my items sell!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Everybody, meet Tegan (Tee-gan).Tegan is Pascal's sister. They are the same age. I've had Pascal for 3 months now, and Jessica got Tegan yesterday. Pascal is double Tegan's size. Tegan was being fed, but clearly not nearly enough! She's a vicious eater and there's no doubt she'll fatten right up!

Here you can see Tegan's tail was biten off just like Pascal's. She's also missing a foot and some other toes, but she's not going to let that stop her! She's as cute as a button. It's unfortunate that she was hatched into the conditions that she was, but we are all so greatful to have this beautiful girl now. As she grows the two orange strips down her back should continue to brighten!

 Josh and I went to the house of the lady Pascal came from to pick her up and I held her for at least 20 minutes while Josh and the lady talked about different things, but the whole time she was just calm and only jumped when Josh's voice got loud when he laughed or something. His voice must have heavy vibrations or something because our scorpion is the same was around him. Funny. Anyway, it was like Tegan knew this everything was going to be ok from now on because she was calm the entire time and I think she felt the love that just poured from Jessica when I put her in her new momma's hands. She got a good bath and a couple crickets and then Jess took her home and set everything up for her in her new home. I'm so excited to have a new "baby" in the family! Jessica is a great new bearded dragon mom and I can't wait to see Tegan catch up to Pascal and watch them grow up!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So I've been working on a few things lately... A lady I babysit for is having a baby in April, and her shower is tomorrow so I've been rushing to get her present ready. I've made some ruffle butt onsies before, for another lady, and figured that'd I'd make some more for this present. I only had 3, which Im thankful for since that's all I had time for, but I also made a stuffed monster, and some adorable baby shoes. Here are the pictures Josh took of everything with his iPhone. The baby that's coming is the 4th with 2 older brothers an older sister, boy, girl, boy, girl. Oh, and those are shadows on the bottom of the onsies, I just noticed those weird looking spots...

Although I haven't made my second slipper yet, I made Josh a Conan shirt that he's been wanting, I think it turned out really nicely.

 Josh is happy so, so am I. The paint on the left is still wet, it dried evenly, don't worry.

I bout a TON of fabric, ribbon, lace, etc, from my Great Aunt who is selling all my Great Great Aunt's stuff. all for $50! Great deal! Here are some pictures of what I got...

Well, that's enough for now... I'll be back later to show you Josh's Sister, Jessica's, new baby bearded dragon!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, I finally finished one slipper tonight! Yup, just one. It's mighty cute though! The tutorial was quite easy to follow, but ONE slipper, considering that Im a beginning sewer, took me 3 hours! Here's a picture Josh took on his iPhone of my finished dragon slipper on my foot.

What'd ya think??? Im pretty proud of it! Im thinking about adding tails, and hopefully I can get around to making the other one soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog fever.

Ok, let's face it, I totally suck at this whole blogging thing... My last post was what, 2 MONTHS ago?!?! Wow. Well, my problem is I am constantly blogging in my head, but never actually take the time to sit down and type it all out.

My Boyfriend, Josh, has recently started a new blog about our reptiles, and I'll probably chime in there every once in a while. Go check it out! It's Dieterle's Reptiles over at WordPress.

I've been working on some new crafts lately, and the newest one I've started are these adorable Dragon Slippers from made-by-rae. She said that, in theory, the slippers can be scaled bigger or smaller. I'm making them for me, women's size 7. I hope they turn out well! Rae's blog is full of adorable things for kids and babies plus other cute things like bags and hats! I love it.

Oh, by the way, meet Runder! An Electric Blue Wiliams Day Gecko, possibly the coolest looking gecko ever!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well, they're out

I had my tonsils taken out yesterday, and so far the pain isn't as bad as when I actually had tonsillitis. Now THAT was horrible. 104 temp for multiple days and one night to get some relief I actually went outside and laid in the cold wet grass. the next day I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. They couldn't get an IV in and almost had to call the pediatrics nurse my veins were so small. Anyway, the surgery yesterday was nerve wracking, but once I started to get drugs  through the IV (that was in on the first try!!!), all I remember is the ceiling moving, having a really colorful dream, and waking up. Crazy stuff! I was really woozy and tired. I asked to see them and when they showed me the tonsils my vision was blurry so when it cleared up I asked to see them again. My mom or boyfriend will be going back today, hopefully, to get them for me! Yuck? More like AWESOME. I'm excited. I even made the lid on the jar they're going in cute. Here's a picture.

I took a baby food jar, because the tonsils are so small, and mod podged cute ice cream fabric and a pink ribbon to the lid. I did this last night and had to lay down afterward because my stomach started feeling nasty. Ill post more picture of the jar, with a better camera, once the tonsils are actually in it!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

College Online >:(

If I can help it I don't EVER want to take an online college course again! Ugh! I'm in the last few days of this class, but my teacher has some wacky things going on... Today when I logged on there was a "Fake Final" that appeared out of nowhere, but when I went to take it, it said that the test closed YESTERDAY! WHAT?!??!?? It totally wasn't there yesterday... ANNNDDD the Real "Final" is open today instead of the 7th like the site has been telling me for the past week! GRRRR! Ugh, I'm so confused. I emailed the instructor, but usually she doesn't respond in a timely manner (Frustrating!). I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to take the final on the 7th, considering everything else says the 7th. As for the "Fake Final" I have no idea. I'm hoping that she'll re-open the "Fake Final" and I be able to take that too.

PJ Pants Sewing Class

So Yesterday, I had my second sewing class, and the object of the class was to make Pajama Pants. The fabric shop where is was held is only a few months old, and everytime I've been in there I've drooled over this fabric trying to think of something to use it for.
Sorry for the horrible picture quality. Im using my cell phone for now. Hoping to get my hands on something better to use soon... But anyway, Im not usually a "pink" type, but I just couldn't resist this one! I got into sewing in Jan of this year when I (think) I posted on FB about wanting a sewing machine for some reason, and guess what??? My grandpa (who also gave me my firebird, but that'll be for another post) just happened to have one that he didnt use anymore! Actually, he used it once, then put it in storage for 10 years... I love it! The first thing I made was a stuffed platypus. Yes, a platypus. And now I'm making all kinds of things! Back to the pants. The class was from 1-5 and I was completely done by 4:30 with my brand new PJs! Here a picture of the finished product.
Once again, sorry for the quality, but you get the idea! I added a little blue bow to the waistline on the front so that you could tell the difference between the front and back, otherwise you'd have no idea. The pattern was nice and simple and easy to do! I can't wait for my new class!

Hmmm... Blog Post # 1

So, Im not so sure what the first post on my brand new blog should be about... Maybe it should be about the PJ pants I made in my sewing class yesterday, or how Im getting my tonsils out on the 14th. Maybe. Or maybe it should be about my new baby bearded dragon with no tail. His name is Pascal. Or maybe Im supposed to introduce myself and explain what this blog's future may hold and what's to come. I dont know. Honestly, this blog probably isn't going to have any one particular theme except for the events of my life that I feel like sharing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

By the way, this is baby Pascal. Ain't he cute?