Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well, they're out

I had my tonsils taken out yesterday, and so far the pain isn't as bad as when I actually had tonsillitis. Now THAT was horrible. 104 temp for multiple days and one night to get some relief I actually went outside and laid in the cold wet grass. the next day I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. They couldn't get an IV in and almost had to call the pediatrics nurse my veins were so small. Anyway, the surgery yesterday was nerve wracking, but once I started to get drugs  through the IV (that was in on the first try!!!), all I remember is the ceiling moving, having a really colorful dream, and waking up. Crazy stuff! I was really woozy and tired. I asked to see them and when they showed me the tonsils my vision was blurry so when it cleared up I asked to see them again. My mom or boyfriend will be going back today, hopefully, to get them for me! Yuck? More like AWESOME. I'm excited. I even made the lid on the jar they're going in cute. Here's a picture.

I took a baby food jar, because the tonsils are so small, and mod podged cute ice cream fabric and a pink ribbon to the lid. I did this last night and had to lay down afterward because my stomach started feeling nasty. Ill post more picture of the jar, with a better camera, once the tonsils are actually in it!

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