Saturday, March 5, 2011


Everybody, meet Tegan (Tee-gan).Tegan is Pascal's sister. They are the same age. I've had Pascal for 3 months now, and Jessica got Tegan yesterday. Pascal is double Tegan's size. Tegan was being fed, but clearly not nearly enough! She's a vicious eater and there's no doubt she'll fatten right up!

Here you can see Tegan's tail was biten off just like Pascal's. She's also missing a foot and some other toes, but she's not going to let that stop her! She's as cute as a button. It's unfortunate that she was hatched into the conditions that she was, but we are all so greatful to have this beautiful girl now. As she grows the two orange strips down her back should continue to brighten!

 Josh and I went to the house of the lady Pascal came from to pick her up and I held her for at least 20 minutes while Josh and the lady talked about different things, but the whole time she was just calm and only jumped when Josh's voice got loud when he laughed or something. His voice must have heavy vibrations or something because our scorpion is the same was around him. Funny. Anyway, it was like Tegan knew this everything was going to be ok from now on because she was calm the entire time and I think she felt the love that just poured from Jessica when I put her in her new momma's hands. She got a good bath and a couple crickets and then Jess took her home and set everything up for her in her new home. I'm so excited to have a new "baby" in the family! Jessica is a great new bearded dragon mom and I can't wait to see Tegan catch up to Pascal and watch them grow up!

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