Sunday, December 5, 2010

College Online >:(

If I can help it I don't EVER want to take an online college course again! Ugh! I'm in the last few days of this class, but my teacher has some wacky things going on... Today when I logged on there was a "Fake Final" that appeared out of nowhere, but when I went to take it, it said that the test closed YESTERDAY! WHAT?!??!?? It totally wasn't there yesterday... ANNNDDD the Real "Final" is open today instead of the 7th like the site has been telling me for the past week! GRRRR! Ugh, I'm so confused. I emailed the instructor, but usually she doesn't respond in a timely manner (Frustrating!). I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to take the final on the 7th, considering everything else says the 7th. As for the "Fake Final" I have no idea. I'm hoping that she'll re-open the "Fake Final" and I be able to take that too.

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