Sunday, December 5, 2010

PJ Pants Sewing Class

So Yesterday, I had my second sewing class, and the object of the class was to make Pajama Pants. The fabric shop where is was held is only a few months old, and everytime I've been in there I've drooled over this fabric trying to think of something to use it for.
Sorry for the horrible picture quality. Im using my cell phone for now. Hoping to get my hands on something better to use soon... But anyway, Im not usually a "pink" type, but I just couldn't resist this one! I got into sewing in Jan of this year when I (think) I posted on FB about wanting a sewing machine for some reason, and guess what??? My grandpa (who also gave me my firebird, but that'll be for another post) just happened to have one that he didnt use anymore! Actually, he used it once, then put it in storage for 10 years... I love it! The first thing I made was a stuffed platypus. Yes, a platypus. And now I'm making all kinds of things! Back to the pants. The class was from 1-5 and I was completely done by 4:30 with my brand new PJs! Here a picture of the finished product.
Once again, sorry for the quality, but you get the idea! I added a little blue bow to the waistline on the front so that you could tell the difference between the front and back, otherwise you'd have no idea. The pattern was nice and simple and easy to do! I can't wait for my new class!

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